@olleharstedt opened this Issue on April 18th 2018

As title. It's unsure from the result from doTrackGoal() if the tracking succeeded or failed. A better response than a tracking GIF or empty string would be to prefer.

@kylekatarnls commented on September 2nd 2018 Contributor

I had to add debug var_dump to get curl error and fix it.

If you get empty string and no goal tracked in your analytics, you can try to debug it by doing this:

Modify the doTrackGoal method after the curl_exec call: var_dump(curl_error($ch)); to dump the cURL error.

Hope it could help.

@olleharstedt commented on September 3rd 2018

Tracking works for us, but if it suddenly stopped working we need to be able to see this. Checking for GIF or empty result is not a convincing way to do this.

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