@mattab opened this Issue on April 1st 2010 Member

Because of the few new features in 0.6, we need to update docs & faq regarding

  • ip exclusion
  • url parameters exclusion
  • timezone
  • currency
  • config file values now "kind of" deprecated
Used as default when not set yet via the UI:
- time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated
- default_day = yesterday
- default_period = day

Fully deprecated
- default_module_login

there are probably other things I forget. Plan is to search docs, faq, dev wiki, for wrong doc and update.

@mattab commented on May 5th 2010 Member

Updated and added various faq entries, and updated the doc: http://piwik.org/docs/setup-auto-archiving/

This Issue was closed on May 5th 2010
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