@tsteur opened this Pull Request on April 16th 2018 Member

This fixes an issue that when changing for example the date, suddenly the log in screen is shown.

For example in a plugin I do

var tokenAuth = piwikUrl.getSearchParam('token_auth')

Which then sets indirectly $search.token_auth='' which then results in &token_auth=undefined in the URL. Meaning it will try to authenticate the user for the token undefined which won't work. Also I think in general we should not append the URL accidentally ever to the URL in the browser.

Ideally, the getSearchParam() method should certainly not set a value indirectly here and it is a bug but not sure what side effects we would run into by removing the search[paramName] = paramUrlValue;

See DEV-1316

This Pull Request was closed on April 23rd 2018
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