@gjedeer opened this Issue on April 11th 2018

After upgrading the widget AJAX request started returning error 500. The error was:

Unable to write in the cache directory (/var/www/piwik/tmp/templates_c/e9

and it was solved with:

rm -rf /var/www/piwik/tmp/templates_c

Please consider doing it automatically on upgrades to save on troubleshooting time.

@fdellwing commented on April 11th 2018 Contributor

I don't think it was necessary to delete it. Most likely there was a permission problem aka wrong user:group.

@gjedeer commented on April 11th 2018

There wasn't, I checked and just in case did chmod -R 755 and chown -R. Didn't help.

@tsteur commented on April 11th 2018 Member

Looks like the cache directory couldn't be cleared or written to which pretty much has to be some kind of permission problem. Clearing cache directories is done during the update.

This Issue was closed on April 11th 2018
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