@cthornburg1 opened this Issue on April 5th 2018

Can multiple Matomo(Piwik) app servers share a common database to avoid having to update the JavaScript on 100+ websites and a DNS redirect?

Current configuration is:

  • A Matomo(Piwik) app server that is on premise equipment with a SQL Server database
  • A Matomo(Piwik) app server in one Virtual Private Cloud
  • A SQL Server in another Virtual Private Cloud.

The Matomo app server on the cloud does not track anything yet.

With the Matomo servers on the same version, the on premise database can be copied to the cloud database. The plan is to update the JavaScript on the 100+ websites over time to use the Cloud Matomo app server.

Can the on premise Matomo server and the cloud Matomo server use the same cloud SQL Server database? Are there any any special setup or configuration changes needed?

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