@sgiehl opened this Issue on April 1st 2018 Member

In most cases the build is currently failing as the system tests for mysqli get terminated after 40min.
For testing purpose I added a small script to check the running times of tests > 5 sec:


Tests running very long are:

  • Test Piwik\Tests\System\ArchiveCronTest::testArchivePhpCron took 438.5 seconds
  • ​​​​​​​​Test Piwik\Tests\System\ArchiveWebTest::test_WebArchiveScriptCanBeRun_WithPhpCgi_AndWithoutTokenAuth took 466.8 seconds

Setup of the fixture MaySitesImportedLogs only takes ~30 sec, but contains a lot of data. Maybe we should use a smaller fixture for those tests to run faster?

And some of the API tests Piwik\Tests\System\AutoSuggestAPITest::testAnotherApi take alomst 60sec

@sgiehl commented on April 1st 2018 Member

ArchiveWebTest moved to Integration tests for now, so tests are passing again. Nevertheless we should check if we can improve the Archiving tests to run faster...

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