@mattab opened this Issue on March 29th 2018 Member

Seen in production

In at least one case we have noticed that some Goals were found to be invalid in the database:


This unfortunately seemed to cause tracking to fail for at least some of the requests: Error in Matomo (tracker): General_ExceptionInvalidGoalPattern


  • we should check that Goals attributes values are checked and how this could have happened and how can it be prevented.
  • ideally the tracker should not fail when a goal is invalid, not because these checks are removed, but because the goal is fully checked and validated at every creation/update
@sgiehl commented on March 30th 2018 Member

Are you sure those goals might not have been created using the API directly?

@tsteur commented on March 30th 2018 Member

The API should make sure no invalid values can be assigned.

@mattab commented on May 4th 2018 Member

In theory it's fixed (?) so closing it

This Issue was closed on May 4th 2018
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