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In order to set up the JavaScript tracking for Matomo, it is usually required that a developer installs a tracking code. It would be a great if an admin or super user could enter an email address of a developer and directly send the tracking code instructions to the developer. This would work from the "No data screen in the reporting menu" but also from the "Tracking code page in the admin".

The email would show the JS Tracking code as currently shown in the UI and would also link to developer pages etc. Note: For WhiteLabeled emails we would maybe not include a link or we would need an event to be able to modify behaviour of what is sent out.

I thought we have an issue for this already for quite a while but couldn't find it.

@tsteur commented on June 14th 2019 Member

As we're now sending more people to the "No data has been recorded yet" page which you see when you haven't tracked any data yet, it would be very helpful to have this feature.

The button should be visible on the "No data has been recorded page yet" and if easily possible also on the "Tracking code generator" page in admin and ideally also during Matomo installation where we show the tracking code as well.

When clicking the button, we would probably ask for an email address and send similar content as seen on the "No data has been recorded yet page" except for the first paragraph (No analytics data has been tracked for this website yet. Please set up the tracking code below into your website or mobile app if you haven't done already. This message will disappear as soon as some data was tracked for this website. In the meantime, maybe ...) which should maybe instead say some other message.

We need to see what else makes sense to include. We could let a user type an additional message but wondering if it might be used for spam then.

Reply-to email should be set to the current user's email. We should also mention that this user has sent the email.

Maybe we need to limit how often this feature can be used? Like max 5 times per site re spam etc?

Any thoughts @mattab @Findus23

@Findus23 commented on June 14th 2019 Member

On one hand this sounds like a useful feature I have already seen in some other marketing targeting tools.
But on the other hand this means we are handling personal information by and sending E-Mails to a person that did not consent to either of those things. I don't know if such "direct messages" are an exception, but it might make things more complicated with anti-spam and privacy laws.

@tsteur commented on June 14th 2019 Member

What if this was a mailto link actually?

@Findus23 commented on June 14th 2019 Member

I like that idea. It would be far simpler and also more natural (Who is sending automated messages to their colleagues?).

@tsteur commented on June 14th 2019 Member

👍 like that much better too

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