@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on March 30th 2010


Obviously the widget VisitsSummary (getEvolutionGraph) doesn't work with token_auth. When using the following code, I get only a "Keine Daten fr dieses Diagramm"-messsage (No data for this chart). If I'm logged in, it works. Other widgets I've tested are working with token_auth.

<div id="widgetIframe"><iframe width="100%" height="170" src="http://piwik.xyz.de/index.php?module=Widgetize&action=iframe&columns[]=nb_visits&moduleToWidgetize=VisitsSummary&actionToWidgetize=getEvolutionGraph&idSite=1&period=day&disableLink=1&token_auth=473a5af9c096e329f25cac9392c51095" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe></div>

Keywords: widget, VisitsSummary, volutionGraph, token_auth

@mattab commented on May 7th 2010 Member

(In [2151]) Fixes #1260 Widgetize now explicitely loads privileges based on the specified token_auth from the request. If not found, the request will be authenticated using the fallback login mechanism (cookie).

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