@MichaelHeerklotz opened this Pull Request on March 6th 2018 Contributor

Added setting "cookie_domain" for third party cookies.
This is useful, when piwik is running on a subdomain, and you want to access the global visitorid (_pk_uid) from your websites.

Maybe it would be also a good idea to adjust the JS API to allow easy access to the global visitorid.

At the moment this is just a proposal, I will contact @mattab .

@diosmosis commented on March 21st 2018 Member

LGTM, created a new rebased PR to fix the tests: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/12632

@mattab commented on March 21st 2018 Member

Thanks for the PR @MichaelHeerklotz and @diosmosis for re-creating the PR! it has been merged and will be available in Matomo 3.4.0 next week

This Pull Request was closed on March 21st 2018
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