@Jako opened this Issue on March 29th 2010

Something was changed there in version 0.5.5.

Problem: In my MODx module (the CMS I use) I'd like to display a few widgets. The token_auth-Method seems to be too slow to display 4 widgets on a page.

My Solution: At the start the MODx module is logged into Piwik via &module=Login&action=logme&login=(md5-Password) and was redirected back by the &url-Parameter to the MODx module page to display the widgets.

Bug/Feature(?): This is somehow broken in 0.5.5. Any solution for this?

@robocoder commented on March 29th 2010 Contributor

(In [2018]) fixes #1257 - logme regression with url=parameter for redirects; temporary workaround: use form_url=parameter

This Issue was closed on March 29th 2010
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