@tsteur opened this Pull Request on February 13th 2018 Owner
  • Couple of fixes and improvements
  • New Validators / Settings API:
    • Validators can be used independent of settings API
    • Brings more consistency in error messages and reduces possible validation errors and avoids writing the same validators again and again
    • Validators can define HTML attributes to validate data on client side so we could directly validate the pre-validate the data in the browser (eg required, length, ...). We need to see if the user actually gets informed properly about errors, I think it does not really work and we might have to remove it again
  • Settings can now easily define validations see example.

refs #12600 #12595 #12596 #12598 #12599

@tsteur commented on March 19th 2018 Owner

I'll add tests once the general concept for GDPR is reviewed. The content can then be adjusted afterwards.

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