@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on February 12th 2018 Member

This is still heavy work in progress!

  • [x] (visually) rename current GeoIP location providers to GeoIP Legacy
  • [x] Deprecate GeoIP Legacy
    • [x] Hide providers once a GeoIP 2 provider has been activated
  • [x] Implement GeoIP2 location provider
    • [x] PHP (w/ php extension)
    • [x] Apache / Nginx ?
  • [x] Implement new auto updater to update GeoIP2 databases
  • [x] Change UI to download/update GeoIP2 databases instead of GeoIP Legacy
    • [x] GeoIP Legacy updater should still work until switched to GeoIP2
    • [x] Show information about configured GeoIP Legacy updater until switched to GeoIP2 (without possibility to change config)
  • [x] Provide mapping from iso region codes to region names
    -> done using a console command to import region names (partially localized into a few languages) from GeoLite2-City CSV database
  • [ ] Update tests to work with GeoIP2, but maybe leave some GeoIP legacy tests
  • [ ] Implement migration script that needs to be run after switching to GeoIP2
    • [ ] old region code (FIPS) needs to be updated to new ones (ISO)
    • [ ] Should also update old region/country code for Tibet [ti|1 => cn|14] (refs #11930)
    • [ ] Should remove old custom country codes of GeoIP Legacy (such as AP, EU, A1, A2)
    • [ ] Make it somehow possible to run migration in browser (without possible timeouts)


fixes #4487
refs #12411

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