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I'm wondering how we could improve the user experience after a user installed and activated a plugin.

For example some plugins have super useful system settings and it would be great if we could point out to users to have a look at this.

I wonder if developers should have the possibility to define like some markdown that is shown after plugin activation? Or maybe if a plugin defines system settings, we should directly show those settings in the confirmation page after plugin activation (might not be trivial to implement)?

Sometimes plugins require steps to setup the plugin that are not directly system settings. For this it might be even useful for a plugin to trigger a notification saying it is not configured yet? But might be annoying to see such a notification all the time until it is configured, especially when someone maybe doesn't even want to configure it.

Another thing is how to plugins let other users know about this new feature. I remember we have been discussing a "messaging" feature a couple of times but cannot find the issue anymore (maybe never created one). We were thinking of the messaging feature for example to send a message to all users once Matomo finds any new plugin so users get notified about it as there are now like 100 useful plugins on the marketplace.

I wonder what to advise for plugin developers. The simplest be possibly for now to trigger a notification in the onActivate method of the plugin. This is possible already but it notifies only the person that installs the plugin and there is a chance this notification gets missed.

I think the next most simple step be to show optionally a plugin defined message after plugin activation (defined as markdown file) in the "plugin is now activated" screen. Users could format it quite nicely.

Long term, it'd be awesome if users could directly change settings there or maybe even redirect users to a certain page after installation etc. (technically a redirect is already possible but should not be done by plugin developers as it has not been tested and user would not see the message "plugin successfully activated" etc).

Any thoughts / ideas?

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