@thunfischbrot opened this Issue on February 1st 2018

After upgrading automatically from previous Piwik version forms do not work any more, e.g. to change personal details or create an email report. The web console shows angularjs errors: "Possibly unhandled rejection: {}" (see screenshot).

The system report is all green, except for using http instead of https.

2018-02-01 16_25_47-clipboard

@mattab commented on February 1st 2018 Member

Hi @thunfischbrot
Maybe this to clear caches and try again to request the UI? https://piwik.org/faq/how-to/faq_25548/
and also try another browser?

@thunfischbrot commented on February 1st 2018

Hi @mattab
thank you, I had tried in Windows 7 Chrome and Firefox as well as macOS Firefox with the same results. After clearing the cache I get the same results, now I tried macOS Safari which seems to work.

I will investigate further, but for now I can do what I need to do in Safari. I cleared the cache in Firefox but still getting the same result, going to try again later.

Thank you!

This Issue was closed on February 1st 2018
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