@ChristophRob opened this Issue on January 29th 2018

Sometimes css and js stop loading on my matomo website. After it stops it takes days before its starting to work again. I think its a serverside problem because i experienced that with different macs and browsers with no extensions like AD-Blockers. Its only running on http. Could that be the root of the bug?

I attached two images. The first one shows, the same browser with 2 tabs, one working and one not working matomo with the same domain. (The pretty one would stop working after a refresh)
The second image shows dev tools with some hieroglyphics


@fdellwing commented on January 29th 2018 Contributor

I browsed at http://analytics.alumnii.de/ and it seems like you have Google Pagespeed enabled. This is not working well with matomo. Please disable it for this site and try again.

@ChristophRob commented on January 29th 2018

Yes that seemed to work! Thank you very much.

To disable Google Pagespeed:
I added a .htaccess file on my server root folder only with the text:
ModPagespeed off

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