@linuxfan3 opened this Issue on January 26th 2018

I am using this code to get an Array with all event actions for the last 90 Days:

$request = new Request('

Unfortunately it reports only 350 Events where the PIWIK web interface shows 539 for the same period.

There seems to be no pattern for what events are given back and which are not.

Any ideas?

@tsteur commented on January 26th 2018 Member

Try to add &filter_limit=-1.

@linuxfan3 commented on January 29th 2018

Same result...

@linuxfan3 commented on January 29th 2018

The solution was to change




I don't understand why it does make a difference but maybe it's not a bug so you may close this report.

Thank you

This Issue was closed on January 29th 2018
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