@robov opened this Issue on January 25th 2018

Monitoring a larger list of sites is a bit cumbersome as the siteID cannot be changed in matomo. Even better would be a TAG instead of an ID
ie: siteid=mysite_frontend instead of siteid=43

@tsteur commented on January 25th 2018 Member

In which context would you rather use a different name or id? When tracking?

Maybe check out https://plugins.matomo.org/ProtectTrackID or https://plugins.matomo.org/SiteUrlTrackingID

@robov commented on January 25th 2018

ProtectTrackID is cool , but as people see the url already, I am not worried of the url repeated or something. The use case is mainly for developer/admin readability. When maintaining X sites I have to make sure that the ID in the js matches the ID in the backend... a tag would be easier and more memorable

@tsteur commented on January 25th 2018 Member

You could ask if the creator of ProtectTrackID would consider to add a feature to specify a custom tracking tag per site or you could look at how that plugin works and develop it yourself in case you are familiar with PHP https://github.com/joubertredrat/Piwik-ProtectTrackID . For sure some other people would find this useful as well 👍

Not sure if it would be integrated into core.

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