@fdellwing opened this Pull Request on January 24th 2018 Contributor

Fixes #12499

@tsteur commented on January 25th 2018 Member

Awesome looks great and will be so useful making install easier 👍 I just noticed one more thing. $this->getSubmitValue() may return null so it may end up in trim(null) which could result in notices or it will at least return an empty string "" whereas we saved null before (see php -r "var_dump(trim(null));"). I'm not sure whether this will cause any side effects or so. Therefore it would be good to execute the trim() only when getSubmitValue does not return a null

@fdellwing commented on January 25th 2018 Contributor

I'm not at work till monday, but you can push that yourself. I think it would be easiest to save the value in an variable and than use shorthand if to return the variable or null.

@fdellwing commented on January 29th 2018 Contributor

Should be done :)

@tsteur commented on January 29th 2018 Member

Awesome, does it need to be done for DB Name as well? Just to avoid maybe a possible notice or so? In theory might not be needed to have a check there because we check for !empty() later but may be still good to have?

@fdellwing commented on January 29th 2018 Contributor

Are you sure it throws a notice? Did not found any information about that?

@tsteur commented on January 30th 2018 Member

Only HHVM seems to trigger a notice in some versions: https://3v4l.org/71CT5
Not sure whether Matomo works on HHVM or not.

@mattab commented on March 20th 2018 Member

Thanks for the PR @fdellwing! :+1:

This Pull Request was closed on March 20th 2018
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