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5 initial steps to complete

  • Embed tracking code
  • Define a goal
  • Upload your logo
  • Add another user
  • Add another website

Once these are completed, we should show another 5 steps. This can be very easily configured in the plugin as everything is already prepared. Each step can be easily skipped.

What about

  • Add a new email report
  • Add a custom alert
  • Install Mobile App (optionally) => hard to check automatically whether this was achieved
  • Check out list of Features???
  • Customize dashboard
  • Add another dashboard
  • Use heatmap
  • Use session recording
  • Import search engine
  • Create a segment
  • Track your site search engine
  • Track a form
  • Run an experiment

For view/admin users we need different steps as above target Super Users. Examples could be:


  • Create email report
  • Export a widget
  • etc...

When dashboard is widgetized we should not show the Tour widget.

Further ideas

  • Should we show engagements steps also on admin home page? I would have done this already but problem is it would be shown over full width there. As it is tiny widget I would rather want to show only in one/third column but that's not really possible since other plugins would not be able to put their plugins next to it. We may need an option in the admin to hide it for users so they don't see it anymore. (eg once all steps are completed etc)
  • Send weekly reminders of the currently open steps?
  • Show paging to navigate through different "parts" of steps
  • Plugins should be able to add more steps. Ideally they are able to define something like an order whether it should be done quite early or rather later but not super important in the beginning. A triggered filter event be good enough for now so plugins can change/sort the order of steps.
@mattab commented on March 1st 2018 Member

That's really a great idea!

Btw maybe when steps are completed we could play a nice Congrats animation. This one came up today and is fun: https://codepen.io/jscottsmith/pen/VjPaLO

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