@lionelmeng opened this Issue on January 11th 2018

Version:Piwik 3.2.1
When i send a mail report, it occurs the error: Mail from must equal authorized user

Is there something wrong in my mail configuration?

@Findus23 commented on January 11th 2018 Member

I haven't heard of this error message before (and hoped that we wouldn't have such indescriptive error messages).
But it seems like this is a message from your SMTP server, can you check if you used the correct email in the From field?

@nyanim commented on February 26th 2019

Hello @Findus23 ,

I encountered the same error and my analysis are as follows:

I captured packets with WireShark when sending an email report.
2019-02-26 6 59 39
As we can see from the image, matomo uses the domain that matomo instance is running on with the "noreply@" prefix as the "MAIL FROM" field in smtp.
The SMTP server returned a 5xx error, indicates the mail from address does not match the authenticated user.

I tried to reproduce the error manually with telnet, and got the same error when providing a wrong MAIL FROM address.
2019-02-26 7 03 25

I have fixed this issue and submited PR #14137

This Issue was closed on October 10th 2019
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