@tsteur opened this Issue on January 11th 2018 Member

This is a bit of a random thought... Matomo currently supports about 54 languages and I was wondering what is next... So I was thinking it would be fun to add dialects. There are heaps of them! For example "German - Schwäbisch/Swabian" and "German - Bavarian/Bairisch".

All wordings for dialects would default to the base language but any translation key could be translated into the dialect. I don't know how easy it would be for us to manage this and whether we would quickly reach any plan limits with this etc.

So I was thinking it may be interesting to start working on a "Matomo Dialects" plugin where people can contribute and easily add more dialects or alternatively provide a "Matomo - Schwäbisch" plugin. However, developing such a feature seems not yet possible as Matomo seems to presume there is eg a lang/$languageCode.json and /plugins/Intl/lang/$languageCode.json file. So far it is only possible to filter / remove languages via the LanguageManager.getAvailableLanguages event.

It would be epic to have an API to provide further languages to truly localize Matomo :)

If anyone else is interested in adding some dialects or is interested in using a dialect in Matomo please comment. This helps to see whether there is any interest in this at all :)

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