@tsteur opened this Pull Request on January 9th 2018 Owner

Those are only some replacements. Further changes will be needed to made later such as:

  • License Headers (will need a separate PR)
  • Wording in translations

We also need to see how to handle things like

  • cookie names eg piwik_auth
  • URL parameter like piwik_campaign to also support matomo_campaign
  • DB prefix like piwik_
  • Marketplace URL parameters like "piwik_version"
  • plugin.json parameters like require "piwik"

Those things will all be done in other PRs. This PR only updates some links from piwik.org => matomo.org and some mentions of Piwik to Matomo. Also puts widgets from "About Piwik" to "About Matomo".

I expect a lot of tests will needed to be fixed and updated.

refs #12420

@tsteur commented on January 10th 2018 Owner

tests should be fine now.

This Pull Request was closed on January 10th 2018
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