@johsin18 opened this Issue on December 31st 2017 Contributor

In addition to the Screen Resolution statistics, provide statistics on the value of devicePixelRatio, giving an indication of how "sharp" the visitors' displays are. This applies in particular to Retina / high DPI / smartphone displays. Using these stats, one can assess how rewarding it would be to provide high resolution images.

As the value of devicePixelRatio is an arbitrary decimal, maybe use ranges, e.g. 1<x<=1.5, 1.5<x<=2, 2<x<=3, 3<x<=4, , and so on. The current Page zoom also influences the devicePixelRatio, but this means that the user would like to see more or less detail, so it's actually nice to include that.

This improvement was also suggested at the very end of:

@Findus23 commented on December 31st 2017 Member

It should be pretty easy to write a plugin which does this report.
One could simply modify this existing plugin:

@johsin18 commented on January 2nd 2018 Contributor

In contrast to the WebGL plugin, it's not just adding one more entry to an existing report, but rather adding a completely new report.

@wasinger commented on July 17th 2018

This seems to be a duplicate of #11405.

@johsin18 commented on July 17th 2018 Contributor

True. BTW I'm currently implementing a plugin.

@sgiehl commented on July 17th 2018 Member

I'm closing this in favor of #11405

@johsin18 commented on August 9th 2018 Contributor

My "Device Pixel Ratio" plugin has hit the marketplace, so this problem is solved.

This Issue was closed on July 17th 2018
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