@EPinci opened this Issue on December 28th 2017

Hello, I'm running piwik 3.2.1 on Windows Server with PHP 7.2.
During setup and each time the integrity file check runs, I have a PHP task spinning and invariably gets to a timeout (over 90s) and this results in a blocking http 500 error.
I worked around by removing the manifest file but I was wondering if this is a "normal" behavior.
BTW: this reproes constantly since a few piwik versions and with PHP 5.6+.

Thank you.

@sgiehl commented on December 28th 2017 Member

That shouldn't be normal for sure. We had a "bug" in the integrity check causing all files/folders being listed as "to delete". See #12383
Maybe you could try doing that changes manually and check if the integrity checks works then?

@EPinci commented on December 28th 2017

Uhm, I manually applied the two changes in the PR to the single file in my server but without any real change.

It really looks weird because, whenever a file integrity check is initiated, I can clearly see one of the php-cgi.exe instances spinning constantly at 12,5% - it runs on a single core up to timeout.
I would say that it tries to sequentially check every file instead of parallelizing to multiple threads? My server has no SSDs but is still relatively "beefy" and everything else on it (including piwik with no integrity checks) runs pretty fine. Might I be missing something on the PHP configuration?

Thank you!

@mattab commented on August 13th 2019 Member

Hi @EPinci
Are you maybe using NFS or a network disk or so?

Unfortunately we're unable to reproduce the problem.

Could you maybe run a strace to see where the process hangs?

If anyone is reading this and has seen this behaviour, please leave a comment and a screenshot (and ideally how you managed to reproduce).

If we don't hear more about this issue, we will close it later. Thanks!

@EPinci commented on August 14th 2019

Nope, just using a server with mechanical disks.
It still happens to me and the only way I have to have Matomo work is to delete the checksum file so that it gets ignored.

There's really no screenshot to take... it just runs until PHP kills it after 5 minutes of processing time.
What kind of trace can I run?

Thank you!

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