@darrendiscovr opened this Issue on December 21st 2017

There seems to be a problem using filter_sort_column as it doesn’t work with date=last30.

Could there be a solution to this that I am missing from the API documentation?

@tsteur commented on December 21st 2017 Owner

Hi, it is expected that the reports are listed by date. Here the report has no dimension (only main metrics). A report with dimension is sorted but does sort each dataTable within a date... https://demo.piwik.org/?module=API&method=Actions.getPageUrls&idSite=7&period=month&date=last30&format=json&token_auth=anonymous&filter_sort_column=nb_visits&filter_sort_order=desc

So basically the sorting is applied to data of each individual day and because VisitsSummary.get has no multiple rows, there is nothing sorted.

Applying the sort filter to the dates for reports without a dimension won't be a solution since we need consistent sorting behaviour for reports with and without a dimension. It would be a new feature to make this sortable and would need a new API parameter

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