@fdellwing opened this Issue on December 18th 2017 Contributor

I found a problem with the browser widget:

We have 11 browsers with 51 different versions.

Way to break it:

  1. Click on "browser version" to get the 51 rows.
  2. Click on "next page".
  3. Click on "browser" to get the 11 rows. -> Widget still says it has 51 rows!
  4. Click on "next page" -> You get an "no data available", because you have only 2 sites of rows
  5. You need to reload the site (strg+f5) to get you widget data back.
@sgiehl commented on December 19th 2017 Member

thanks for the report. I'm able to reproduce it.

This Issue was closed on March 20th 2018
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