@mattab opened this Issue on December 14th 2017 Owner

Currently we have a widget called "Visits overview" which lists several KPIs with their sparkline, KPI value and metric name. It looks like this:

visits overview

This widget is very useful providing some of the key APIs. However in some cases, one only wants to see 2 or 3 or 4 of these KPIs in the dashboard, and not the whole list.

-> The goal of this issue is to create a new set widgets, one per KPI, so that users can add only the metric they want to their dashboard. This will allow for greater flexibility and more awesome looking and useful dashboards.

@mattab commented on December 14th 2017 Owner

Additional notes:

  • We should have one widget "Visits" and also one widget "Unique Visitors" (rather than one widget including both, as it is currently in the "Visits overview" widget)
  • We should have a widget for "Total actions" on top of the existing metric "actions per visit (pageviews, downloads, outlinks, internal site searches)"
  • If possible, the solution to split the "overview" widget into multiple widgets, would be generic solution, and we would also provide a new widget for each of the Goal conversions. Currently we have a widget for each goal showing Graph + KPIs + detailed report, and we'd like to have 2 (or 3) new widgets per goal: "Goal XYZ: Conversions" and "Goal XYZ: Conversion rate", and if enabled for this goal: "Goal XYZ: Revenue"
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