@CyrilBrulebois opened this Pull Request on December 13th 2017


I had already checked out your repository because that's of course the first thing one would do when setting up a new web service, and I fixed a bunch of obvious issues in the French translations while I was discovering your web interface.

Since I'm not really interested in creating yet another account on yet another web service, I won't be submitting these fixes through Transifex; you'll find them in this pull request so that they aren't lost entirely, and so that one is able to do the needed extra work to get them merged.

This is rather unfortunate:

  • You should be able to trivially import proposed changes into your translation system, which doesn't seem to be possible given the contents of lang/README.md
  • Your system loses information as translators are not credited in git. While I can live with it, that's not really a nice signal for contributors.
@sgiehl commented on December 13th 2017 Member

Unfortunately we can't easily make it possible to allow changes on github, but I've done those changes on transifex now, so your work isn't lost.

@CyrilBrulebois commented on December 14th 2017

Thanks Stefan, much appreciated; I'll head to Transifex directly if I see further updates that could improve piwik's l10n.

This Pull Request was closed on December 13th 2017
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