@mihadd opened this Issue on December 5th 2017

Hey Piwik-Team,

some of our CMS editors use slashes at main title which is also used for page title i.e. "Cultural programme in winter term 2017/18". As you can see at screenshot the report actions -> pages titles piwik interprets the title as path and shows this page as two entries.


But the PDF report rendering fails with these titles and only one letter will be left.


Can you correct this bug please. Thanks

Best regards.

Piwik-Version: 3.2.0
MySQL-Version: 5.5.58
PHP-Version: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1

@sgiehl commented on March 9th 2018 Member

To avoid the breaking of such titles you can change the config value for action_title_category_delimiter

Regarding the PDF failure. Are you still able to reproduce that with the latest version?

@mihadd commented on March 23rd 2018

Ah ok! Thank you for this hint. But as I can see at Matomo FAQ there is only one parameter for URL and title splitting right?! So if i set the parameter to a character that is not used in our site titles, then i see all the pages at the same level under Actions -> Pages?

PDF failure: Yes i can reproduce this failure with latest version.
Piwik-Version: 3.3.0
MySQL-Version: 5.5.59
PHP-Version: 5.6.33-0+deb8u1

@sgiehl commented on March 26th 2018 Member

No. There is action_title_category_delimiter and action_url_category_delimiter. If you do not want a splitting of titles at all, set action_title_category_delimiter to a char that isn't used in your titles

@mihadd commented on April 3rd 2018

OK. I set action_title_category_delimiter = ## and it works fine. Thank you.

This Issue was closed on August 18th 2018
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