@mattab opened this Issue on March 22nd 2010 Member

A few people have suggested that we make improvements to the current Consulting page on http://piwik.org/consulting/

Some ideas are:

  • Allowing "installation" consultants that would help with installing Piwik, setting up tracking on the websites, etc.
  • Improve the actual page so it looks cleaner and more organized. For example, allow for a consultant picture, several testimonials, etc.

Please post your other ideas as a comment. We can start brainstorming in this ticket; you can also contact us at hello att piwik.org to discuss.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on March 23rd 2010

Companies and individuals looking for help in web analytics will need technical as well as business skills. The skills listed in the Piwik Consulting page seem to be mainly geared toward development and technical aspects of WA. I would recommend Piwik consulting to include a balanced set of skills by also including web analysts with skills in KPI building, metrics interpretation, and business consulting).

@mattab commented on July 29th 2010 Member

See another request that could be answered by having a better Consulting model (consultants for Installation, Configuration and Training)


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on July 30th 2010

I'm Kevin and I am working on this as a project, the Consultants Features and Project outline will be upload and should be edited for review buy Sunday 1st of august.

So remember to get in your ideas now, you can all so email me the ideas. mrkevinmorton(at)gmail.com

@mattab commented on April 1st 2011 Member

We put up a new 'look' to the page, but nothing revolutionnary. I am closing this until someone is interested to get it done and move it forward. I think a nice next step would be to find consultants who can help with the Analytics side of things, but maybe it is better to attrac existing analytics agencies (working with GA for example) and have them take up work for Piwik users.

This Issue was closed on April 1st 2011
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