@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on December 3rd 2017 Member


  • Fix issue where adding invalid value to enabled_periods_UI/enabled_periods_API INI config resulted in a JS object being passed to the period selector instead of array.
  • Use $onInit in period selector of initing code in the directive factory function. Seems AngularJS swallows errors that occur there (note to other devs).
  • Parse previousN/lastN dates correctly in piwikPeriods object.
  • Always try and parse period/date string combo in period selector, since we can't assume range periods have comma separated dates.
  • Angular swallows errors from datepicker.parseDate (because it throws strings), so added a console log for those errors.
  • Display ERROR in period selector if period/date is invalid.

Fixes #12306

This Pull Request was closed on December 3rd 2017
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