@dev-101 opened this Issue on December 2nd 2017


For increased privacy reasons I wish to stop Piwik recording entire file path when someone saves the web page (e.g. in html format).

Please look at the provided screenshot, I can see sensitive information like visitor's PC User name, and some private folders as well.

I don't want my Piwik track all that! It's ok that I know if some webpage was downloaded (cool! that means it wasn't written for nothing), but I don't really need entire private info from their freaking computer.


Thanks :)

@RMastop commented on December 2nd 2017 Contributor

Hi Dev-101,

In site settings, there is a checkbox that would correct this. It only tracks visits when the URL is one of the known URLs you have set as known URLs


@dev-101 commented on December 2nd 2017

Hi Richard,

I know about this option (and thought it was checked), but I didn't know it was related with file path tracking as well.


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