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I run the newest piwik version on a server (Ubuntu, nginx) and on an other server I have a blog where I embed the piwik script. Everything works well in Chrome (tracking works) but when I use Firefox the visit is not recorded. This is strange as I am pretty sure that it has worked in the past.

I see this warning in the Firefox (v57) console:

Loading failed for the

In the networking tab of the inspector there is no entry where it even tries to load piwik.js.

I already disabled uBlock Origin + HttpsEverywhere and also disabled the "Do Not Track" setting. Nothing has worked. Does anybody have an idea how to find the reason why firefox does not load the script?

I also tried adding the Access-Control-Allow-Origin to my nginx config:
add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *;

This did not solve the problem.

EDIT: I also tried it on a Mac using Safari and it worked. So just Firefox is not working
EDIT 2: Very strange, it also works in Firefox 57 on the Mac, but not on my Ubuntu
EDIT 3: Problem solved, see next comment

@simonhessner commented on November 19th 2017

I finally found the problem. It has nothing to do with piwik. The problem is my DuckDuckGo plugin which also blocks scripts.
I removed the plugin because I don't need it anymore and everything works fine now.

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