@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 20th 2010

Some plugins need an additional javascript file to be loaded by the visitor (f.ex. the ClickHeats plugin).
Those need to be included manually with html-tags by the responsible webmaster.

It would be better to give the active plugins the opportunity of adding additional javascript code to a global stack which is finally minimized and loaded and executed by the main piwik-javascript code of the piwik tag.

One can even think about adding a javascript piwik library for basic mouse-, keyboard-, browserinfo- and browserplugin-tracking so that other plugins can use these often used routines more easily and in a more standardized and secure way.

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@mattab commented on March 20th 2010 Member

This is difficult (impossible?) to get it right, as the use cases are infinite and not defined in advance. Usually, it is not just the case that you add another JS file to your site, it also comes with its function calls and various logic. If we can, one day, identify a pattern, we would reconsider

This Issue was closed on March 21st 2010
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