@mattab opened this Issue on November 1st 2017 Member

It would be great to track scroll rates in Piwik and provide advanced reporting based on scroll rate. Tag managers these days include easy to use scroll rate triggers and it would be great to have this feature directly in Piwik as well. This would complement well our existing Scroll Heatmap premium report.


  • Automatically measure scroll rates on each page (for example with an Event, or a new action type).
  • Ability to create Goals based on scroll eg. "User has scrolled to view >= 80% of the page"
  • New segment "Scroll rate on the page" so users can segment and see only visits that scrolled at least X% in pages
  • Create custom reports using Scroll Rate as a dimension

Learn more in this article: http://www.blastam.com/blog/scroll-depth-tracking-analysis-google-analytics

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