@eramirezprotec opened this Issue on October 31st 2017 Contributor

Hi! I would like to know how Piwik decides to invalidate an archived metric/report. I'm having problems because I see some reports/metrics values one day (let's say yesterday), and the next day (today) everything changes several times. Looking at the logs, I found this: "Will invalidate archived reports for YYYY-MM-DD for following websites ids: XX,YY", and I can understand that Piwik needs to recalculate everything, but my question is how it decides which reports/metrics should be invalidated to get recalculated in the future? And why recalculating several times the next day?

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@mattab commented on March 31st 2021 Member

Thanks for contributing to this issue. As it has been a few months since the last activity and we believe this is likely not an issue anymore, we will now close this. If that's not the case, please do feel free to either reopen this issue or open a new one. We will gladly take a look again!

This Issue was closed on March 31st 2021
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