@spacenate opened this Pull Request on October 30th 2017 Contributor

Fixes #11866

Adds some additional helper text clarifying the need for more than one domain name to exist before cross domain linking can be used.

Adds a new i18n key CoreAdminHome_JSTracking_CrossDomain_NeedsMultipleDomains.

I explored having this additional text only show up if a user has only 1 domain name set up, but this information was not already available in the Site data cache (that I could find), and I did not think it warranted a database request. Let me know if you disagree and would like me to add the behavior I described (only show text if user only has 1 domain set up).


@mattab commented on November 19th 2017 Owner

Thanks for the PR @spacenate :+1:

This Pull Request was closed on November 19th 2017
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