@efedorov opened this Issue on October 20th 2017

Exception is only reproduced on Roll-Up view.

"A fatal error occurred

The following error just broke Piwik (v3.2.0):

Key "1" does not exist as the array is empty.
.../plugins/Live/templates/_profileSummary.twig line 24"

@sgiehl commented on October 20th 2017 Member

Did you maybe remove a goal after some conversions were tracked?

@efedorov commented on October 20th 2017

No, we did not change a goal. I just checked: the goals did not change more than a week, but the visitor was registered today.

@sgiehl commented on October 20th 2017 Member

Does the error always occur?

@efedorov commented on October 20th 2017

Yes, the error appears every time. Restarting a web server and disabling plugins does not help.

@sgiehl commented on October 22nd 2017 Member

@efedorov I'm not sure how this problem occurs. Could you check if applying following changes fixes the problem for you: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/compare/fixgoalvp#diff-e968bd8d9abc8cf8161a4c09567ddc52

@sgiehl commented on November 1st 2017 Member

@efedorov did you have time to check it? Would love to include a fix in next release if we can figure out the exact problem.

@mattab commented on September 25th 2018 Member

let's merge the fix if it's appropriate and could prevent an error in edge case? (as long as it doesn't hide a real issue...)

This Issue was closed on October 10th 2018
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