@ctaity opened this Issue on October 19th 2017

In splash mode, with piwiki 3.2.0 and flowplayer 7.1.2 in splash mode, the plugin dont count plays, the media pluguin.

@tsteur commented on October 19th 2017 Owner

Flowplayer with splash mode can be tracked. You may need to add a code to your website like this for older Media Analytics versions, but latest version (3.0.12) detects this automatically and works out of the box.

flowplayer().on('load', function () {
@ctaity commented on October 19th 2017

Thanx, i will test

@tsteur commented on October 19th 2017 Owner

If you have any questions or problems otherwise, feel free to simply email contact@innocraft.com

This Issue was closed on October 19th 2017
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