@TomTheRock opened this Issue on October 11th 2017

Hi There,

i use the newest Piwik 3.1.1.

If you use the Dashboard over the Widget implementation (iframe) you can select/create the Segmentations you created. But they do not affect/data stastics do not filter always fall back to default "All Visits". If you direct login into piwik Backoffice it worked.

My Widget call example:

Best Regards

@tsteur commented on October 11th 2017 Owner
@tsteur commented on October 11th 2017 Owner

Thanks for the report @TomTheRock

@tsteur commented on October 11th 2017 Owner

FYI: I quickly debugged and noticed this regressed in #11790 https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/11790/files#diff-4e4c0250d8a0ec9660276e396757f6efL1317

Only the hash is being updated I think but not the actual URL which it should here.

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