@mskala opened this Issue on October 3rd 2017

In several places in Piwik's Web interface, pressing the backspace key will delete two characters instead of one, if by doing so it can delete a space at the end of the input.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to "manage" a Goal, either by creating a new one or clicking the edit icon for an existing goal in the "manage" menu.
  • Click at the end of the Description field
  • enter some non-space characters, one space, and then one more non-space character. For example, "abc d"
  • press backspace once. It will delete two characters (the space, and the final non-space character)
  • it ought to delete only one character, leaving the space intact.

I'm running Piwik 3.1.1, server is Linux, Apache, PHP 5.6.31; client is Linux, Pale Moon. It happens to me in every text field in the interface that has fancy fade-in and similar features, throughout the settings and configuration screens, but not in the "search" box and a few other places.

@Findus23 commented on October 3rd 2017 Member

I can reproduce this in Firefox 56.

I feel like this is kind of intended by some library, but I agree with you that it is annoying as the user doesn't expect it.

@Morerice commented on October 15th 2017 Contributor

Sorry for the first commit which was not branched from 3.x-dev

@sgiehl commented on October 15th 2017 Member

Fixed with #12197

This Issue was closed on October 15th 2017
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