@yossicohn opened this Issue on September 24th 2017 Contributor

In Piwik.js The function beforeUnloadHandler() is entering a semi-infinite loop

when the User changes the System Time to some time previous to the current (let's say an hour back in time).
Then the semi-infinite loop starts on the call to beforeUnloadHandler function:
This is due to the part of the code:
do {
now = new Date();
} while (now.getTimeAlias() < expireDateTime);

since the now is not near the expireDateTime, it would take lot's of loops to get to the expireDateTime, mean while the browser is stack.

@tsteur commented on September 24th 2017 Member

Good point. I think we should limit set expireDateTime to max 3 seconds in the beginning of that function to prevent such cases and possibly other issues. Do you mind maybe creating a PR?

This Issue was closed on September 14th 2020
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