@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 17th 2010

In line with understanding our community and user base a little better and how different events impact growth we would benefit from a consolidated view of various Piwik metrics.
Keywords: metric,statistics

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on March 17th 2010

Considering that most metrics (if not all) are already available I suggest we take the following approach:

1) Start a spreadsheet with the different weekly metrics.
2) Include key events within the metrics so that we can gain a better understanding of what triggers what (eg: new release, #piwik-dev, blog post).
3) Fine tune spreadsheet with feedback from Piwik team members.
4) Perhaps attempt to automate the collection of these metrics.
5) Publish these statistics for online viewing (team members only).

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on March 17th 2010

Initially include the following metrics:

  • Piwik Downloads ([http://piwik.org/download/counter/])
  • Blog Posts
  • Tweets
  • RSS Subscribers
  • Tweeter Followers
  • Facebook Fans
  • Email Subscribers
  • Forum New Posts
  • Forum Resolved Posts
  • Forum Registered members
  • piwik-dev chat: # of meetings, attendance

  • Mailing lists: # of subscribers, # of threads, # of messages
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on March 19th 2010

As suggested by Matthieu in one of his emails : record stats at start of month for previous month's activity.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on April 1st 2010

I have collated a range of Piwik metrics/stats in a single spreadsheet and will email this as an attachment to the team@ email list. The stats contained within the spreadsheet are for March, 2010. At this stage I will manually collate stats and perhaps at a later stage we will try and automate the process as well as add some pretty graphs.

To members of the Piwik team please review the emailed attachment and provide any relevant feedback.

@mattab commented on January 9th 2011 Member

Robert couldn't maintain the list, so I think we will stick with our existing metrics

This Issue was closed on January 9th 2011
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