@RMastop opened this Pull Request on September 21st 2017 Contributor

No need for showing the value of a password field.

Please issue pull request against the 3.x-dev branch only.

Piwik 2 is in LTS mode. This means we do not accept any pull request for 2.x except critical security bugs and major data loss bugs.

If you need to create a pull request for 2.x, then please also create the pull request against the 3.x-dev so we can merge both.

Happy hacking!

@sgiehl commented on September 22nd 2017 Member

Not sure if we should simply change the input type to password. I guess it common approach to have either on password field in clear text, or two fields (with repeat) to prove user didn't make a mistake when typing the password.

@mattab commented on September 22nd 2017 Owner

What I see often these days is leaving only one field, by default password protected, but having a checkbox next to it Show password and when clicked, the field becomes visible. this could be a good solution.

refs https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6329

@mattab commented on September 27th 2017 Owner

Hi @RMastop would you like to implement a new checkbox next to it Show password that would show the password when clicked?

@mattab commented on September 27th 2017 Owner

An even better solution may be to add a little Show link in the field such as what Paypal does here:

@fdellwing commented on October 25th 2017 Contributor

So, I use this toggle thing quite often and here are my thoughts on this:

The function itself is pretty easy, but it is not as easy to get this into piwik to look good because it is inside an table...


<input id="useradd_password" placeholder="password" size="10" type="password">
<a href="#" style="position: absolute;margin: 16px 0 0 -30px;" onclick="toggle_pw">show</a>
function toggle_pw() {
  $(this).html(function(index, text) {
    return text == "show" ? "hide" : "show";
  $(this).prev().attr('type', function(index, attr) {
    return attr == "password" ? "text" : "password";

Because you would need to translate the "show" and "hide" it would be better to use a known symbol like these two:


The JavaScript code would then look like this:

function toggle_pw() {
  $(this).toggleClass("fa-eye fa-eye-slash");
  $(this).prev().attr('type', function(index, attr) {
    return attr == "password" ? "text" : "password";

One last problem in piwik would be, that the input width is pretty small, so if you use a long password, the text would go under the link/symbol.

I hope this helps :)

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