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Three Events:

  1. Users arriving from facebook
  2. Users arriving from a website X
  3. Users placing an order.

Problem Statement

  1. Tracking number of users that arrived from facebook to website X and placed an order.
  2. Tracking number of users that arrived from website X and placed an order.
  3. Tracking the users who made this journey, eg- User A took journey from facebook to placing an order.

How do i track this via piwik? According to my current understanding, I am only able to track one level of hierarchy, but I am confused when it comes to multilevel hierarchy and tracking it.

P.S: This need not be a 3 level case. Thus, writing the problem statement in the most general way,

  1. How do I track the number of users that navigated through event A to event Z via n number of events in between.
    1. How do I track the user's full event traversal activity?
@mattab commented on September 18th 2017 Member

1) Facebook and website referrers are automatically tracked by Piwik
2) To track ecommerce interactions, implement Ecommerce tracking: https://piwik.org/docs/ecommerce-analytics/

Then, you'll be able to see all 1/2/3 reports in Piwik, using a mix of https://piwik.org/docs/ecommerce-analytics/#sales-by-marketing-channel and https://piwik.org/docs/segmentation/ when needed

You may also be interested in this plugin that lets you visualise the Users flow: http://plugins.piwik.org/UsersFlow

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