@derfred33 opened this Issue on September 13th 2017

Latest Piwik, latest Safari but this issue started 6 months ago on previous versions.

On Safari I have to clear all the browser cache to be able to update the stats on the main reports page, the cycle buttons don´t work, and clicking on them makes the same stats to be displayed.

As the main reports page is loaded, during that day no more stats are loaded, no refresh.

This is probably the piwik cache settings set to 24 hours or Safari forcing cache for 24 hours.

@mattab commented on September 18th 2017 Member

Do you experience this same issue on demo.piwik.org?

Which version of safari? What are the steps to reproduce, or maybe you could post a little video showing the problem?

@derfred33 commented on September 20th 2017


I only have self hosted piwik, the safari version is: Version 10.1.2 (12603.3.8)

Piwik was the one before the update of sept. 20 2017. Now Iºve just updated so I don´t know if you already fixed this but still I´ll describe the issue.

This is easy to explain, you click the refresh button on the dashboard, Visits Over Time area or events names, possibly others but I only use these two, the Real time visitors count and visitors on site areas auto update fine.

Well, as I was writing, you click the refresh button and nothing happens, I have to delete the browser cache and reload the page to get updated data.

Its not a mater of me not generating reports more often because I have have 600n seconds and these areas only update once per day or better saying they are generated only once per day.

Safari is becoming a piece of crap, no doubt about it and this may very well be something they changed recently to try to speedup thepage loading. I wouldn´t be surprised if it were.

@mattab commented on September 24th 2017 Member

Do you experience this same issue on demo.piwik.org?

@derfred33 commented on September 25th 2017

I don´t know, I don´t use it

@derfred33 commented on September 25th 2017

Apparently yes, the same happens on the demo site.

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