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  • Updated segment editor that takes less space now and works fine on mobile
  • Segment editor can now show descriptions for each segment (currently shows accept values, needs to be tweaked later all the accept values descriptions or have separate description)
  • Segment selector can now be easily embedded anywhere in the UI by using <div piwik-segment-generator>
  • Segment selector is now mainly based on angular
  • New segments: actionServerHour, actionServerMinute, visitStartServerHour, visitStartServerMinute, visitEndServerMinute, visitLocalMinute
  • Various fixes in Log Query Builder
  • Easier way to add a segment... all one has to do in a dimension is to specify the segmentName protected $segmentName = 'myConversionSegmentName';.... optionally it is possible to specify a sql segment protected $sqlSegment = 'MINUTE(log_link_visit_action.server_time)'; and protected $acceptValues = '0, 1, 2, 3, ..., 56, 57, 58, 59';
  • More consistency
    • Eg segments now use also Visitors category instead of Visit to be consistent with everything else
    • Fixed some wording eg we showed report "Page titles" but the dimension label said "Page name" instead of "Page title"
  • Dimensions can now describe themselves much better... eg they can define
  • Dimensions can now create metrics that are generated based on those dimensions. This will allow us to generate better documentation for glossary etc
  • Plugins can now define their own "entityNames" eg "idExperiment" so plugins can make use of more core features like Row evolution etc.
  • Fixed segments were not sorted by categories as we do it in the menu, dashboard widget selector etc
  • Because we now know the type of each dimension (eg number, datetime, time, url, ...), we can modify the segment selector in the future to adjust the value field to eg a date field or number field and also adjust the comparisons based on that type.
  • ...

Re developer changelog: There is no breaking API change but we have new ways to define a segment. Can add this to the docs or we do it with Piwik 4.

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In this PR I assumed the next version will be Piwik 3.2.0. If we choose to make it 3.1.1 let's rename all mentions of 3.2.0

@tsteur commented on October 3rd 2017 Member

Merging now as discussed

This Pull Request was closed on October 3rd 2017
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