@tsteur opened this Issue on September 12th 2017 Owner

We are getting this error on demo.piwik.org on an ecommerce website (Marketplace)

A fatal error occurred

The following error just broke Piwik (v3.1.0-rc1):

Key "icon" for array with keys "type, url, pageTitle, pageIdAction, idpageview, serverTimePretty, timeSpentRef, pageId, contentName, contentPiece, contentTarget, contentInteraction, interactionPosition, timestamp" does not exist.
/storage/piwik-demo/www/demo.piwik.org/plugins/Live/templates/getLastVisitsStart.twig line 148


@OldGrumpy-de commented on September 13th 2017

Is there a workaround for this error? I upgraded a dozen installs to 3.1.0 today and just one of them shows this error... Just wondering what triggers it.

@sgiehl commented on September 13th 2017 Member

@OldGrumpy-de you could try to apply this manually on the instance where it's not working:

@OldGrumpy-de commented on September 13th 2017

@sgiehl Thanks a lot, worked like a charm. :)

@digihiveinc commented on September 13th 2017

The fix works well for "Visitors Real time" widget but it brakes All websites list: http://take.ms/JbS0K
which would normally look like so: http://take.ms/TZO2Y

@Quadratica commented on September 14th 2017

I applied the patch https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/12038/files
and it seems to work fine. (until now)

@mattab commented on September 14th 2017 Owner

We've released 3.1.1-b1 which fixes the issue, please report if you still have the problem (to use the beta channel see: http://piwik.org/faq/how-to-update/faq_159/ )

@Quadratica commented on September 21st 2017

I've just updated to 3.1.1 and it seems everything it's alright!
Thank you

@ragboy commented on November 10th 2017

I am getting this error, after upgrade to 3.2.0.

This Issue was closed on September 13th 2017
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