@GuillaumeGBzh opened this Issue on September 11th 2017


When I open the popup for get visitor profile, I get an error 500 and :

The following error just broke Piwik (v3.1.0):

Key "totalGoalConversions" for array with keys "visitorId, totalVisits, totalVisitDuration, totalActions, totalOutlinks, totalDownloads, totalSearches, totalPageViews, totalUniquePageViews, totalRevisitedPages, totalPageViewsWithTiming, searches, totalEvents, hasLatLong, lastVisits, nextVisitorId, previousVisitorId, totalVisitDurationPretty, userId, firstVisit, lastVisit, visitsAggregated, visitedPages, averagePageGenerationTime, devices, continents, countries" does not exist.
/.../www/plugins/Live/templates/_profileSummary.twig line 19

I have already restart my webserver (Apache & PHP7 FPM).

@sgiehl commented on September 11th 2017 Member

Do you have the goals plugin disabled?

@GuillaumeGBzh commented on September 11th 2017

No, it's disabled;

When I activate it, it works.

@sgiehl commented on September 11th 2017 Member

Thanks for letting me know. Will add a fix for this

This Issue was closed on September 13th 2017
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